Jessie H., Actress in Waitress & Beautiful on Broadway

There's something truly beautiful working with someone who doesn't really have a "game face" but is actually more of their truest self when they're working. You're always bringing your truest I feel comfortable to bring all of me. 

You've literally helped pushed my career forward. You helped me envision some of my goals and dreams, and they actually came into fruition.


You helped me discover the importance of breath and taking time to myself.

By practicing with you, I've developed the skills I've needed to keep moving and just [to be] more in tune with my body and heart. 

Wesam K., Actor on For the People & Good Girls

Working with Rachael completely shifted my perspective on a major problem I was facing. It gave me clarity, understanding, and most importantly PEACE OF MIND.

She helped me focus in on the core of the problem, understand why it was happening, and the solution presented itself in a very organic manner.

 Her presence is so welcoming and calming that I felt comfortable talking with her about anything and everything.


 I highly recommend working with Rachael for anyone who's lost and needing to change their life for the better and towards their ultimate purpose.

Alionka P., Life & Success Coach

Thank GOD for Rachael Ferrera, an unparalleled healer!


In just the half hour she worked on me, the knots in my stomach eased away almost as if they'd never been there! 


More so, she has an uncanny ability to translate your body's messages.


This learning transformed how I've run my business ever since.

Rachael's reiki was and is one of the most powerful mind-body tools I've ever experienced.  It is SO powerful and I highly recommend working with her.

More Testimonials 

"If you feel stuck, uninspired, pain I would HIGHLY suggest looking into this... Rachael is a bundle of joy & her ability to heal any hurt (physical, emotional or both) is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I cannot recommend this program enough."

-Maggie W., Actress, Singer, Yoga Teacher

"I have always been inspired by [Rachael's] energy, positivity and LIGHT. I used her for an Angel Card Reading and found her reading so SPOT on.  It was exactly the push I needed to make some pretty big life changes."

-Kim W., Voice Teacher & Mom

"[Rachael] is open and adaptable to all needs and experiences. Never have I felt more safe to express my

needs/fears/desires with such clarity.  These sessions are also met with a sense of humor and joy, which I believe attributed to many breakthroughs."

-Katie B., Actress & Content Creator

"Rachael has a God given gift. Love is so fluid and active in her body...I felt calm. Supported...Forever grateful for the experience & to have experienced the potential of the human spirit & the power of its connection with something higher."

-Britton S., Actor, Singer, Songwriter