Vocal Expression Sessions

These are essentially energetically/spiritually fueled vocal coaching sessions for people that are having trouble singing in a way that feels like an authentic expression of who they are.

Each Session Includes

People this can be for:


They feel like they don’t know how to sing…

They’ve sung some but haven’t had training really...they always feel a little unsure or like like they’re imitating someone else’s sound

They’ve had vocal training and know how it’s all “supposed” to be done, but they still can’t find their own true authentic voice.

They’re a trained singer who usually can sing like an angel! But suddenly they’ve found themselves having trouble...certain parts of the voice aren’t working, or they’ve started cracking on notes that are usually not a problem

Things we do in the sessions:

Everyone's voice is different. We will get a feel for the level you are at and talk about goals you want to reach when it comes to your voice. 

Scales and working on vocal breaks between octaves 

Work on ...

Work on...

work on..

6 Session Package- $800

6 x 60 minutes Sessions

(Use anytime within 6 months of purchase)

Single Session- $150

1 x 60 minute session