Dear Marvelous You,

     As an ambitious and creative person who lives a life that’s off the beaten path, the road can feel windy, long, and sometimes confusing. 


     You have big dreams- huge dreams. And in your quietest most centered moments, it feels like they could actually be world-changing…if you could figure out how to get there. Sometimes having these dreams can feel awe-inspiring, and sometimes it can feel frustrating and overwhelming- especially in moments when you feel stuck.


     Here’s some good news. One thing I know to be true is that your dreams lead to your destiny. The dreams and desires that live deep within your heart were placed there by a force greater than you. That same force wants to help you to actually live your dreams in all their glory- even the gigantic world-changing ones.


     And please know that this force is equally interested in your “simpler” dreams- like having a loving family and enjoying fulfilling relationships with friends- as it is in your gigantic, career-oriented, world-changing dreams. You can have both. You can find balance. And you are not alone.


     So how do you access all of this?

     Well, it’s all about alignment. It’s about aligning yourself with your deepest desires and with the force that will help you live them. It’s about getting in touch with your intuition and learning to hear and follow its messages. It’s about getting to root of who you really are and learning to love that person deeply and fully. This is the work.


     It’s not about reading more books or taking more classes. It’s about getting in touch with the truest version of you


     If you’re up for the journey of a lifetime, I’m happy to be your guide and help you find your unique path to your greatest dreams.


With Love,


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