Angel Card Readings

Divine Guidance on Your Life, Career, and Spiritual Path

Wondering what your best next steps are?

I'm here to help you move forward with clarity and ease!


What will you gain from an Angel Card Reading?

An Angel Card Reading is a quick and easy way to receive guidance wherever you need it. We can focus on a specific aspect of your life or on your life as a whole. After your reading, you will feel more...





Confidence in your choices

Confirmation of your inner knowings

Guidance toward your next best steps

And so much more...

When is a good time for an Angel Card Reading?

Angel Card Reading's are perfect for anytime you are questioning something. It's also a wonderful to receive these readings seasonally to keep you grounded and focused. It may be time for an Angel Card Reading if you are experiencing or navigating...

Your birthday

New Quarter/New Season/New Year

New Moon & Full moon

Feeling stuck or stagnant

A life transition or setback

Seeking clarity on a relationship old or new

A new phase or tier of your career

Anytime your soul is asking for guidance or support...

What can your reading be about?

You will formulate a question to focus your reading on. You are free to ask about anything you would like guidance, insight, clarity, or ease around in your life. You may include a bit of context if you'd like. Here a few examples of questions to ask: 

"What is the next best step in my career?"

"How can I move forward in my life?"

"What should I focus on for the next month?"

"Which decision am I meant to make in this situation?"

Select Your Angel Card Reading

Recorded Angel Card Reading

These reiki-infused personalized readings are audio recorded and emailed for you to listen to at your convenience. You will receive:

Audio recording of your reading + photo of your Angel Card spread

3 Angel Cards + guidance unique to you

Opportunity to ask one question to focus your reading

Reiki-infused guidance & support to listen to at your convenience

Live Angel Card Reading

These reiki-infused readings take place via Zoom video conference. You will receive:

30 minutes 1-on-1 time via Zoom video chat + emailed audio recording

3 (or more) Angel Cards + guidance unique to you 

Opportunity to ask additional questions (if time allows)

Reiki-infused guidance & support in real time

Recorded Angel Card Reading

Single Recorded Reading- $75

4 Recorded Readings- $275

Live Angel Card Reading

Single Live Reading- $150

4 Live Readings- $550

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