Healing & Guidance for Ambitious Artists, Creatives, and Multi-Passionates

Expand and evolve

with effortless ease




You have unique gifts inside you that you are meant to share with the world in a way that only you can. 

I help artists, creatives, and multi-passionates like you to  release the uncertainty, doubt, and emotional tension that is holding you back from sharing your gifts in bigger ways and reaching your highest potential.  


  It's time to discover the place inside you that is full of clarity, ease, and joy -

The place inside you that holds the answers to all your questions and always knows your next best steps. 

You have this place inside of you, even if it doesn't feel like it.

And when you find it...


It feels like MAGIC!

You access your greatest success and your highest level of fulfillment. 


Ideas flow, doors open, and you have the courage to take big leaps.


And that big vision that's living in your heart and mind? You bring it to fruition.


This transformation is a journey and a process, and the nuances can get a tricky along the way.


The great news is, I've been guiding top tier artists and creatives like you on this path for many years with great success. 

Through working with me, my clients have booked Broadway debuts,  released singles & music videos, become healerswritten books, started businesses, received promotions, purchased first homes & new cars, fallen in love, had babies, and so much more.

If you’re ready to live in a place of power, joy, and fulfillment...


If you're ready to enhance your career, make an impact, and share your unique gifts to help better our world...


 Let’s get started!

 "During the time of working with Rachael I was cast in 2 shows, I booked a commercial, I got a callback, chemistry read, and was cast in a short film!"  Maggie - Actor, Singer & Yoga Teacher

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